Merger Unites Qualiform Metals, Country Metals, Hixwood brands

Posted March 25, 2022

Three market leaders in metal fabrication and post-frame building kits — Country Metals, Hixwood and Qualiform Metals — are merging under the Hixwood name, creating a larger footprint for the combined entities and positioning the company for future growth.

With the merger, Hixwood now covers a 17-state region across the Midwest and Eastern United States.

This merger creates new efficiencies, better access to supply and improved service to customers, said Brad Crawford, president and CEO of parent company Ambassador Supply.

“Hixwood has had strong growth in the last decade. We will continue on that trajectory, and we will be making announcements soon about new expansions in Wisconsin and Ohio,” Crawford said. “All three of these companies have a legacy of excellence, and this merger will build on that foundation.”

Hixwood was founded in 1998 in Stanley, Wisconsin, and since that time has expanded to meet customer demand, including 53 percent growth since being acquired by Ambassador in 2021. It moved more than 30,000 tons of steel last year alone.

For Hixwood [], the merger is an opportunity to keep that momentum and explore new markets.

“Hixwood is ready to expand, but we’ve lacked the capital and resources in recent years to do so as aggressively as we would like,” said Hixwood General Manager, Paul Zimmerman. “This merger allows us to move forward with confidence.”

Customers of Country Metals and Qualiform Metals should expect the same commitment to quality services, Crawford said.

“The marketing, website and logos on the trucks have changed,” he said. “Our relationships with customers have not. If anything, this will provide more resources to ensure we meet customer needs.”

About Hixwood

Hixwood has been supplying high-quality coil, metal panels, trims, fasteners, accessories, and prompt service since 1998. It was founded with the desire to provide a competitive line of products to wholesale dealers throughout the Midwest and beyond. Product knowledge and application have allowed them to become one of the leading suppliers in the market today.

By Frame Building News Staff