Recreation Buildings

Life’s Not All Work And No Play

If you spend your hard-earned free time in the great outdoors, you need a sturdy, reliable home for the toys that make play so much fun.

At Hixwood, we specialize in recreation buildings that are highly functional and will keep your vehicles and equipment—trailers, boats, ATVs/UTVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and more—safe from the elements.

Available from our Wisconsin locations.

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Build Your Own Hobby Barn

What's better than having a place to store all your recreational equipment? Having the freedom and space for other activities, too.

Our hobby barn post-frame construction kits are built with quality and durability in mind, creating the perfect backdrop for you to retreat to and pursue your passions.

Hobby Barn Building Kit

If you're passionate about DIY and residential construction, a hobby barn building kit is just what you need to create additional space on your property. Hixwood provides a range of reliable, high-quality building materials that are ideal for building everything from a hobby barn to a horse barn or a heavy-duty garage. Hobby building kits are available in various sizes for your creative renovation projects.

Types of Hobby Barns to Suit Your Lifestyle

For DIY enthusiasts based in Wisconsin, Hixwood offers a selection of barns in several sizes and styles. Each post-frame kit is built to last a lifetime and provides a space tailored to living, industrial work, and play. Whether modern or rustic, your hobby barn can be custom-made with a unique trim to suit your preferred style. Garage doors are heavy-duty to protect against the elements and general wear and tear.

Types of hobby barn building kits include:

  • Recreational toy storage: Barns offer a secure and durable space to protect vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs, and boats.
  • Hobby shop: Small-scale hobby barns can be built for woodworking and metalworking hobbies.
  • Horse barns: Large-scale barns can be built to house horses and livestock.
  • Agricultural storage: A Hixwood hobby barn offers a dry and secure space for hay storage.
  • Farm shop: If you want to open a small farm shop, get yourself a hobby barn.

A Hixwood Hobby Barn Building Kit Is More Than a Construction Kit

Your Hixwood post-frame construction provides everything you need to build the hobby barn of your dreams. We send all the materials you need, hand-picked and measured, so you can start your build immediately, eliminating the need to rush off to the store for added extras. Kits include:

  • Code-compliant wood trusses and a range of treated posts and skirt birds
  • Wall girts and roof purlins
  • Code-compliant top girt truss carriers
  • Bracing for posts and blocks
  • Roofing, custom-made trim, and sliding
  • Fasteners and all necessary nails

Hixwood also has a variety of power tools, building supplies, and accessories for sale. The range of accessories, including door knobs, helps you give that extra stylish finish to your building project. We also have an on-site paint center, a range of doors, insulation supplies, draining fittings, and pneumatic tools. Consider Hixwood your one-stop shop for hobby barns.

Hixwood Metal has continuously delivered high quality products in a very timely manner, allowing me to focus on running the business and getting more contracts.

—Gingerich and Sons Construction

Why Hixwood?

Getting your project done right—and done on time—is important to you. It’s important to us, too. See why Hixwood is the preferred partner of contractors and individual builders alike.

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