Post-Frame Building Kits in WI and OH

The Standard For Strength and Durability

When you work with Hixwood, you can expect a trustworthy, dependable solution for all of your construction needs.

Our post-frame building kits reflect all of the practical innovation, quality, and long-lasting durability that have established us as leaders within the industry.

We specialize in post-frame kits and materials—from metal roofing and custom trim to hardware and accessories—for agricultural and commercial applications as well recreational and residential uses.

Available from our Wisconsin and Ohio locations.

Post-Frame Building Kits in WI and OH

Post frame building kits ease the burden of construction, providing an easier way to build that still generates a strong, long-lasting finished product. This construction method dates back a century ago, only further demonstrating its usefulness, practicality, and strength.

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Uses of Post-Frame Structures

You may opt for post-frame construction for a variety of structures because it's highly adaptable. It's a cost-efficient and durable option, so it's easy to achieve your dream building and have it standing for years to come. Some uses of post-frame buildings include the following:

  • Equipment storage units

  • Garages

  • Man caves/she-sheds

  • Agricultural buildings, such as hay storage

  • Shouse

  • Shops

  • Livestock housing

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Benefits of Post-Frame Construction

When you need more space, opt for a post-frame building kit to get you what you need now. Residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings can be expensive to build, but post-frame units reduce that expense, allowing you to get the space you need at a lower cost and in less time.

With this particular building option, you may choose from various colors, materials, and finishes, giving you flexibility. Site preparation is minimal compared to regular brick-and-mortar building methods, and no foundations are required.

Post-frame construction provides you with a large amount of space for agricultural supplies, equipment storage, or material storage, among other items.

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I have been purchasing metal roofing materials from Hixwood for the last 10 years. The quality is superior and you can typically place a large order and get it delivered or pick it up the next day!

—Jeffrey Hazuga

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